Bring me the horizon can you feel my heart meaning

Bring me the horizon album cover

Opening song

This is the first track on Sempiternal, the 4th studio cd by the British Metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon. It was one of the very first tunes that were penciled in for the collection. Keyboardist Jordan Fish told Metal Hammer: “We attempted tons of different things that were s– t, however, that actually worked, and as soon as we did it we understood that this would certainly open the CD.”


Vocalist Oliver Sykes included: “This was the turning point; it was the first one that Jordan got his teeth right into, and also certainly you can hear that since it’s hefty on the electronica. It was drifting around for ages, and also I assume it started to beam when we took my vocal lead and also utilized it [on the keyboard components] for the chorus.”

Jordan Fish the key player

It was throughout the penning of this song that the band realized that lately added keyboardist Jordan Fish was having a huge effect on their songwriting. Bassist Matt Kean told Sugarscape: “We had currently had a checklist of the songs and Jordan took it away as well as worked with the choruses and also things. It resembled – I keep in mind paying attention to it back as soon as Jordan had placed a different stamp on it and we resembled ‘Oh this is CRAZY!’ and at the time, he had not been even in the band, he was simply writing with us. I believe this song was the factor where we were all like ‘It’s time to do something concerning this.’”

An albums in order !

The Sempiternal cd was penned with a concept in its structure. Every single tune represents various realizations as well as it was made to be like a journey. Sykes clarified to AllMusic: “The first song is the very first step, and also the 2nd tune is the second step. You can’t truly listen to track 6 and afterward pay attention to track one. You need to identify the very first step before you can figure out the next thing.

We tried to make that connection in every aspect with the tunes as well as songs as well as exactly how they mixed right into each other. It goes from hefty and afterward provides you a breather. The tracks are meant to show emotions also. It’s not just random. We wished to make it a trip you intended to begin at the beginning and end at the end rather than simply listen to one or two tracks or put it on ‘shuffle.’.


The first track, ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ is everything about admittance,” Sykes continued, “confessing you have a problem, as well as confessing something’s wrong. That’s the primary step of the entire album. In my life, I needed to confess particular things to go better. They all manage different subjects.”.

The song belatedly ended up being a hit after exploding on TikTok. “Can You Feel My Heart” rose from # 7 to # 1 on Signboard’s Hard Rock Streaming Songs chart dated January 30, 2021, after it went viral on the social media sites platform.

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