Beyonce heaven meaning

beyonce in a hat

A deep meaning

This mournful piano ballad finds Beyoncé describing somebody drawn from her too soon and letting go off her lost love. Several followers think it refers to the losing the unborn baby the vocalist experienced several years prior to the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy in January 2012.

Musical production

Beyoncé generated the tune with a Pop mysterion referred to as Boots who signed to Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation around June 1, 2013. Boots disclosed on his Facebook web page on the day Beyoncé was released that he produced 85% of the album and contributed 4 initial tracks. This tune was originally on his SoundCloud web page under the title of “Heaven Couldn’t Wait.” Beyoncé finishes the tune by singing the shortened version of the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish.

It converts as:

” Our daddy, which art in paradise
Solemn be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will certainly be done on earth as it remains in paradise

Below are three more tunes on our database which contain The Lord’s Prayer:

” The Lord’s Prayer” by Sister Janet Mead
” Millennium Prayer” by Cliff Richard
“Controversy” by Prince.

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