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This Aenema Meaning focuses on the Fault lines in California. It has remained in popular speculation that if an earthquake were to take place in the right location, part of Southern California would break off and fall under the Ocean.

The tune is saying that the people there, particularly the ones in Los Angeles, are so loaded with evil that Maynard hopes the fault lines would break and they would fall under the ocean.

Why not turn on the video of the song to listen to while you read this Article?

When Maynard says “Bull-shit 3 ring circus sideshow of freaks” he is describing Gangsters, Junkies, Marketers, and Actors/Actresses.

It is likewise pointed that he could be describing those of the Homosexual or Bi-Sexual Community.

When he states “Flush it all away” he is making a referral to the word “Enema”, which is when a tube is inserted into an individuals rectum to eliminate toxins and excretion for medical functions (Some people do it just for enjoyable).

” Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona Bay” might be a confusing line for any of you who know your geography. You see, Arizona Bay doesn’t exist.

However if the Fault lines cracked, and part of our earth broke and fell into the Ocean, it would create a Bay in the Arizona Area.

Title– Aenema (Ænima).
The Song title is in fact comprised of 2 words. The very first one that I already discussed above is Enema.

The 2nd word is Anima. There are 2 definitions to the word. The first is to take an inner look at a persons soul. The second is the psychological idea that everyone that is born, has both a female and a male side. The Males reduce their feminine side as they grow up, and vice-versa with the females.

That allows there to be 2 definitions for the word Aenema:.

Aenema is a cleansing (Flushing) of the Soul.
Aenema is dislodging (Flushing Out) the Alter-Gender to the Surface.
If Aenema is the cleansing of the Soul, then it would simply be describing Los Angeles falling under the Ocean, and all of it’s problems with it.

If it describes # 2, then he could likewise be making a recommendation to all the Homosexuals and Transvestites that are living there (as discussed above).

Angry guy huh …?

It is this area of the song where he is listing off all individuals that he wants to see drown.

” L Ron Hubbard” is the creator of the Religion Scientology. Undoubtedly Maynard has got a problem with him, and all the other followers of the Scientology faith.

He then talks about everybody else that he wishes to see pass away. The Junkies, Smiley Glad-hands with Hidden Agendas, Dysfunctional Insecure Actresses.

I won’t analyze each and every single lyric in this Aenema Meaning Article, however I have actually painted a sufficient picture that if you were to check out the lyrics, you would be able to comprehend what they mean.

Our complete tune lyric interpretation guide may help you if you if you are having a hard time to comprehend lyrics.

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