Oye como va meaning

Santana - Oye como va album cover

Woodstack starting point

The groovy “Oye Como Va” by Santana is one of the most popular Latin rock tunes of perpetuity, taped by the artist who practically coined the term as we know it with the popularity of their launching album in 1969 (the same year they played at Woodstock). The band was led by the Mexican-American Carlos Santana, an incredibly gifted guitar player who recruited a rotating cast of musicians for many years.

” Oye Como Va” was launched as a single in 1971 from Santana’s 2nd album, Abraxas (1970 ), reaching number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sustaining a reputable level of popularity since then.

Cover & Variation

Santana’s “Oye Como Va” was a cover of the Cuban cha-cha-chá variation tape-recorded by the Puerto Rican-American author Tito Puente, who crafted the tune with his orchestra in 1962. It was Santana’s variation that brought the song global popularity, with its driving arrangement that makes you want to move your feet, as does much of Santana’s music.

Enjoying the rhythm

While many people do love “Oye Como Va”, most listeners in the United States have no idea what the meaning of the lyrics is, because the entire thing is sung in Spanish.The lyrics are so basic, and there isn’t much to them. Santana is simply telling us to listen and enjoy his wonderful rhythm, which we do.

The word mulatta (“mulata” in Spanish) is referring to a mixed-race female, who is evoked dancing right together with us.

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