Mexican Music Lyrics

Mexican music lyrics may share many similarities with Spanish music lyrics and Latin music lyrics, but there are many distinct differences as well. Genres such as ranchera, norteño and banda reflect the instrumental sounds of Mexico and the lyrics reflect the culture.

The Mexican music and lyrics of the norteño genre is similar to Tex-Mex and Tejano in style, reflecting the sounds of culture of Northern Mexico. The norteño style of music almost always features the accordion as the lead instrument. When norteños were developed, the lyrics told tales of the Mexican Revolution.

The ranchera style is closely associated with mariachi groups and was developed in the rural countryside of Mexico. The Mexican music lyrics associated with this style involve themes of love, romance, nature and patriotism. The lyrics are also usually in the structure of verse and refrain broken up by instrumentals in-between in the a / b / a / b pattern.

Banda music was developed in the central and northern states during the 1800s. Banda music and lyrics were popularized first around the Mexican Revolution by the military bands and with influence of the Native American population. Today, the music is strongly based upon percussion instruments and the number of band members average about 10 – 20.

While classical music has always been a staple in Mexico and still is, since the 1990s, rock and hip hop have invaded the younger generations. The Mexican music lyrics from these new sounds are similar in theme to those found by bands originating in the United States, which have much musical influence with its friends south of the border. In fact, even South Park has their own brand of Mexican music lyrics, which parody this new movement.