Spanish Music Lyrics

Spanish music lyrics are not to be confused with Latin music lyrics or Mexican music lyrics in either the content of the words or the accompanying sounds. To some people, for instance, Spanish music is the same as flamenco music.

Flamenco is traditional Andalusian folk music that includes song and lyrics, dance and guitar. As old as the 15th century flamenco grew out of a clash between Gypsy and Spanish. The Spanish music lyrics going back to this time reflect discrimination, hunger and prison. Romantic themes in these Spanish music lyrics came later.

Many people think that the heart of flamenco is the dance, but the heart and soul is actually the cante (song). The Spanish music lyrics associated with these cantes are actually very structured and poetic instead of spontaneous and extemporaneous utterances as they appear to be.

But, flamenco are not the only Spanish music lyrics of interest. There is also regional folk, which dates back hundreds of years and popular music, which has developed in recent years. Regional folk music lyrics often center around political themes and pop Spanish music lyrics generally follow the guidelines of other popular music songs.

Some of the traditional Spanish music lyrics involve a common lyric form called “villancico”. Each verse of the villancico is divided into five to seven metric syllables and the rhyme scheme of abb cddc cbb is the most common used.

Spanish rock and jazz have also filled the airwaves in more recently. Spanish rock also includes the music and lyrics of a popular sub-genre flamenco-rock, which combines traditional Gypsy flamenco with progressive rock ‘n’ roll. Barcelona is the area of Spain’s oldest rock nightlife.

Spanish jazz was mostly squelched under the rule of Francisco Franco until his death in 1975. Influenced by the jazz scene in New Orleans, Spanish jazz has taken off in the last 30 years. Also, since the mid-1980’s Spanish hip hop has taken off, especially in Madrid, though many of the Spanish rappers are African.

Spanish music lyrics, however, are as varied as the culture is today. From traditional to pop to progressive, Spanish music lyrics cover the whole gamut of thought, feeling and expression from within this culture.