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And few know it, but the lyrics of the song Fernando performed in English by the abba group alludes to a battle in Mexico disputed near the Rio grande for which the legend has been created that it is the battle of the angostura. The truth is that there are two stories, that of the song itself and that of the country’s defense in the u.s.
Intervention in 1847, the first thing to say is that the original song in swedish was written by frida lyngstad’s representative stig andersson and told the story of a woman who tries to comfort her friend fernando from a love disappointment when he formed with four members john julius decided to put a new letter in english that will not tell a love story but the memory of a battle mexico came to his memory and with her the story of two old men who had fought together in a war with bugles drums and cannons translated literally from English a line of the song says you still remember the chilling night we crossed the rio grande to discover a clue and the next two i can see in your eyes how proud you were to fight for the freedom of this land even though bjorn clarified that the story was fiction some people identified the song with the battle of la angostura that took place on february 22, 1847 that mexico should have won because it had 14,000 soldiers instead of the 7,000 that made up the invading army the difference was that mexico was only 26 years old consummated their independence and their cannons were old compared to those of their North American neighbor the second night the infantry had a cold time because in order not to reveal their position it was forbidden to light fires and when the day came they had to start fighting without taking food lieutenant jose Maria Montoya, who was in the front lines of the battle, remained among the Americans, and since she did not want to that they took.

Him prisoner he said that he was on behalf of general santana to offer them surrender general taylor sent two emissaries to flee from santana himself who in effect surrendered but monteya disappeared and the americans arrived alone the head of the mexican troops who was unaware what the subordinate had done and he had just won a hill and seized a cannon he refused to surrender a battery under the charge of the Mexican general mignon had placed himself in the rear of the invaders preventing them from fleeing this in the end was a mistake because at being cornered they could not disperse in the end it seemed that the enemies were surrendering the mexican soldiers were hungry and santana declared a victory that was not real then he ordered a withdrawal to san lus potos in september 1847 other american troops that had landed in veracruz and followed practically the same path of hernn corts in 1519 they entered the city of m exico without almost any resistance being opposed to them that is how they ended up losing two million square kilometers since the battle of la angostura which presented the best chances of resistance ended up being lost and just as the abba song says although i never thought that we could lose would do it again fernando if you want to listen to the versions of fernando in english and spanish ..

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