aerosmith kings and queens

aerosmith perfomance photo

Aerosmith goes medieval in this music where Steven Tyler sings about a time of Lords and Maiden and imagines he was there in a past life.

A byproduct of this dysfunction was a greater collaboration between guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer, as Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were less present.

Whitford, Hamilton, and Kramer wrote the song for this music with Douglas, and Tyler added the lyrics after the fact: It’s one of the few Aerosmith songs written while Joe Perry was in the band, without the guitarist’s involvement. In our interview with Brad Whitford, he described, “It probably would have sounded different if they [Tyler and Perry] were there, but we were able to stretch out a bit and strike a chord with this music.

This was released as the second single (after the main melody) from the band’s fifth album, Draw The Line.

According to Brad Whitford, this was one of the most difficult Aerosmith songs to adapt for live performance.

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