Worst Music Lyrics

Designating the worst music lyrics ever serves a purpose beyond the inherent humor of the badly written songs. By exposing the worst music lyrics, one can learn to write better music lyrics.

The worse music lyrics serve as a negative example of how and what not to write. It’s like cruising around the Internet finding the worst web design possible. This helps would be artist know what not to do.

Even professionals get it wrong on occasion, so exposing the worst professional music lyrics ever written, shows that we the public demand excellence from the professionals. No one really cares about the worst song lyrics when it comes to unpublished amateur material.

But, when a song becomes a hit in spite of having some of the worst lyrics ever, then we have to take a pause to see what is really going on.

Listed below is this site’s take on the worst 10 music lyrics of all time. Now, since it is easy to debate the worst content because it is so subjective and open to preference, we’ve chosen to include the worst rhyming lyrics of all time, since that’s a bit less subjective.

Worst Music Lyrics – Top 10

10. Steely Dan (Josie) – Jo would you love to scrapple / She’ll never say no / Shine up the battle apple
9. Michael Bolton (Love is a Wonderful Thing) – The only thing a river knows / Is runnin’ to the sea / And every spring when a flower grows / It happens naturally.
8. Keith Urban (You’ll Think of Me) – And take your cap and leave my sweater / Cause we got nothing left to weather / In fact I’ll feel a whole lot better
7. Jungle Brothers (Candy) – After a little hanky panky / We make the room smell stanky, frankly,
6. Mariah Carey (Don’t Stop) – I’m like a bowl of gumbo / You ain’t hotter than this / I’m what they play in the clubo
5. Bob Dylan (Ballad of a Thin Man) – You have many contacts / Among the lumberjacks / To get you facts / When someone attacks your imagination
4. U2 (All Because of You) – I like the sound of my own voice / I didn’t give anyone else a choice / An intellectual tortoise
3. Backstreet Boys (Shape of My Heart) – Sadness is beautiful loneliness that’s tragical
2. 311 (Down) – Lightning strikes to we be in that violent force of light / Guaranteed to turn it out as bad as dolemite / Cuz we’re dope kid change like a chameleon / And the channel whenever that wack show real world is on
1. The Steve Miller Band (Abracadabra) – Abra-abra-cadabra / I want to reach out and grab ya

Now, just because we’ve listed the top 10 worst music lyrics ever doesn’t mean that there aren’t many others vying for the top spots. In fact, a case may be made that many of worst music lyrics are not listed here. Come up with your own list of top 10 worst music lyrics ever and send it in. We’ll amend this page and post the best of the worst music lyrics that we receive.