Taking Back Sunday Lyrics

The Taking Back Sunday lyrics from their most current album, Louder Now, are words that make it difficult for the casual listener to understand. Filled with obscurities and seeming to jump from one thought to a totally different thought, the Taking Back Sunday lyrics often hard to decipher just what exactly this band is trying to say. The general tones of the s Taking Back Sunday lyrics are usually brought about in a clear manner but understanding just what exactly the band is trying to say is a little more difficult.

One of the songs on the album is titled “Error Operator” and is probably one of the songs on the album in which the Taking Back Sunday lyrics are to be the most easily understood. The lyrics starts off by talking about an accident and that the person who is being spoken (or sung) to has to “breathe in and out, calm down.” One hopes that these Taking Back Sunday lyrics is going to continue so the listener is able to understand what kind of accident has taken place but that is not the case.

The Taking Back Sunday lyrics does go on to say that they “can’t go back” and asking the listener if they would “do it again.” This seems to imply that the accident was the fault of the person who the song is directed towards. This is indicated when the songs says “Sometimes I swear I can see straight through you…But would you do it again.” The Taking Back Sunday lyrics continue to talk about how they can’t go back.

At the end of the song, it says “Murder, oh murder, oh where have you been?” This leads the listener to wonder whether the accident that has been talked about was actually a murder, looking at the literal meaning of this last line or, is the singer just so frustrated that he is using “Murder, oh murder” as an expression?

Another one of the most comprehensive sets of Taking Back Sunday lyrics on the album is “Divine Intervention”. In this song, the lyrics remain completely clear and easy to understand but the point is somehow lost in between. The singer starts off by saying how the person who is the object of the song has characteristics that are some of his favorite things.

The second verse of the Taking Back Sunday lyrics goes on to talk about how he also knows some of the other person’s favorite things. Just when you think that this song is about two people who are perfect for each other, the singer says, “Love, out the same way in” which leads one to think that the love is actually leaving and not being attained.

While looking for the actual meaning of any of these Taking Back Sunday lyrics can be quite difficult, it’s also great that a band has put together words that can be translated into any way the listener wants them to be. The band provides the frame, and the listener can fill in the picture. This is what makes music so relatable in the first place and although the actual meaning of the song could get lost, it’s true meaning for each individual listening to the song will never be lost.