Staind lyrics reflect the alternative metal spirit of this popular band. Around for the past 10 years, Staind has only risen to success during the past 5 years and has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.

Like most bands, Staind writes lyrics about love, though, many times the theme is the angry and wounded side of love. In particular, the Staind lyrics on the album Dysfunction (1999) reflect this sentiment, especially the songs, «Mudshovel» and «Excessive Baggage».

The lyrics in Staind’s «Mudshovel» are interesting because of the switch that happens from the beginning of the song to the end. In the beginning of the song, the protagonist says to his lover, «You can’t feel my pain / You can’t feel my torment» and by the end of the lyrics, he says, «You will feel my pain / You will feel my torment» signaling a certain rage the singer is trying to sustain.

In the song, «Excessive Baggage», the singer talks about the «damage inside» and «scars I have lived with» because of his lover. At the same time, there is a certain vulnerability in the lines «… nothing to live for / But you.»

In the album, Break the Cycle, the song, «It’s Been a While» was written by lead singer Aaron Lewis about how it’s been a while since he’s had peace and happiness in his life. In the lyrics, he also mentions addiction and how he misses his former lover in a somewhat tormented anthem about love and pain.

Taking a break from the pain and pain-based lyrics on the album, 14 Shades of Grey, the song, «So Far Away» talks about how the protagonist is finally on the other sides of life’s pain and how life is finally working out. In one of the lyrics, the singer says, «and i feel like i can face the day i can forgive / and i’m not ashamed to be the person that i am today» and goes on to talk in an upbeat way that the pain is now so far away in an honest and grateful introspective awareness that comes with maturity.

On the album, Chapter 5, the Staind lyrics that jump out as perhaps the most controversial lay in the song «Paper Jesus», which by its title gives a foreshadowing of what the song is about. Though some may see this song as anti-religious, which it may well be, what it more importantly says is to question authority.

In the lyrics «And they’ve made a corporation / Out of desperate people’s feelings… of fear» this may not only apply to religion, but also to any larger authoritarian body bent on controlling its people. These Staind lyrics are rebellious and in-your-face as any good alternative rock song should endeavor to be from time to time.

The Staind lyrics contain messages of pain, desperation, woundedness and rebelliousness, but also contain a message of love, hope and peace. As a band whom has gain a good deal of popularity within the past 5 years, Staind continues to write lyrics that run the gamut of human emotions within a framework of alternative rock music.