Sheet Music Lyrics

Sheet music lyrics are usually printed on the scores themselves on some sort of parchment or paper. Musical notation is usually a part of the sheet music lyrics page.

Sheet music and lyrics from all sorts of genres including rock, blues, jazz, country, rap and hip hop can help one learn a musical instrument that much faster. Playing the guitar with sheet music and lyrics within plain view can heighten the learning experience and help those who are learning to perform a particular piece do so at a faster rate.

Melodies, chord, arrangements and the nuances of a song can be learned by studying the sheet music and lyrics. Many famous musicians and singers do not know how to read musical notation and have learned to play by ear. For everyone else, however, using sheet music and lyrics can be a real time-saver.

This is very advantageous to the musicians who wish to play on the piano or keyboard and wish to both perform and sing along with the sheet music lyrics. Perhaps, sometime in the future, sheet music lyrics will be one of our many offerings.

Unfortunately, though we are a website featuring the written word, we do not offer both sheet music and lyrics together. We leave this for other sites who sometimes offer free sheet music and lyrics downloads.

So, I’m personally putting sheet music lyrics on the “to do” list and into the queue of many pages that we plan to offer on this site. As one can image, a lyrics website needs to have thousands of pages to accommodate all the songs let alone the sheet music to go with it.

In other words, it may just take us a while to offer sheet music and lyrics throughout this site. But, if you’d like to score some free sheet music lyrics then there are many place on the Web in which to do so. That said, we will look into the possibility of linking to many of the fine free sheet music and lyrics websites that are out there as a convenience to our visitors.