Rascal Flatts Lyrics

The harmonies that the country group Rascal Flatts produce are very pleasing to their listeners. This country trio has released five popular albums since 2000 and fans are hoping that they will not stop there.

Their first hit “Prayin’ for Daylight” came from their debut, self-titled album. The song is sung to a girl that has left the boy and he is now only trying to do what he can to get through the night. In the first verse, he describes this as, “The door is locked, the tv’s turned on.”

He is praying for daylight because during the day he can act like his whole life, “ain’t gone wrong.” It’s clear that his nights are lonely and although his days are as well, he can pretend that they aren’t and that his life is fine.

The next hit off the album was “This Everyday Love” and it showed a happier kind of love that was mutual. It’s an upbeat story of a love that is common, “it’s everyday, ordinary plain and simple.” It’s obvious that the singer “can’t get enough of this ordinary love” and that it is what he lives for.

The thing that singer Gary LeVox and the listeners know about this kind of love is that while it may be simple, it is never ordinary. Rascal Flatts brings across to their listeners that this kind of love is extraordinary and very, very special, although the lyrics are to the contrary.

Their next album Melt, brought their next hit, “These Days.” In this song, he reminisces about a love that he used to have. He remembers songs they used to sing in the car and things they used to do like, “Checking out the bands on Doheny Avenue.” He puts the blame on himself for them being apart saying, “Me, I swung and I missed.”

He talks about how he hears she’s been married since they saw each other last and that he has been busy doing some things too although he’s never really clear on what it is he’s been doing. The song ends with him simply asking her to come back and see an old friend the next time that she is in town.

This is just another prime example of a song that everyone can relate to as most people have a relationship that doesn’t last and the two people eventually drift apart, not knowing what has happened to the other person.

Rascal Flatts’ album Me and My Gang contains even more hits. The first being the title song. This song depicts life in country music as well as any song could. It talks about going everywhere from Southern Alabama to Montana to Oregon.

The song talks about hanging with his gang and having a lot of fun while doing it. This truly upbeat song is meant to just get people dancing and having a great time while listening to this tune.

Rascal Flatts’ fifth album Still Feels Good was released on September 25, 2007. This album was their third in a row to hit number one and has already gone platinum.