Panic! At the Disco Lyrics

Panic! At The Disco has come out with an album in 2005 titled A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. One of the songs on this album that may be the most confusing is “The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage”. Not only is this song title to these Panic At the Disco lyrics quite a tongue twister, steering away from the short, catchy titles that are so popular today, but the words also seem to portray none of the song title’s meaning.

So, what does the song title of these Panic At the Disco lyrics mean? It seems to mean that without press coverage, stars may commit suicide but they decide to live a life of martyrdom due to the amount of publicity that they are receiving. The only thing that even leads listeners to believe that these Panic At the Disco lyrics are going to be about stars, or people in the public’s eye is that they are receiving press coverage, which the average person usually does not.

The Panic At the Disco lyrics speak about the singer wanting the audience to snap their fingers and tap their toes to the beat, which further leads the listener to believe that they are listening to a song that comes from the celebrity’s point of view. This point seems to be proven further when the singer says, “I’m just the narrator.” Singers often are narrators, whether they are depicting a story or just talking about something that can resonate in the listener’s hearts and minds.

The singer, Brendon Urie, then alludes to the fact that these singers may not be who you think, no matter what amount of press coverage they may be given. The public will not always know exactly what is going on in the celebrities’ lives or who they really are. This does seem to keep true to the title but the Panic At the Disco lyrics once again becomes confusing when he sings, “I aim to be your eyes, trophy boys, trophy wives.” This line is very difficult to understand, especially the last part when he’s talking about trophy boys and trophy wives.

At the very end of these Panic At the Disco lyrics, the flip side is shown and makes the big stars seems not so much like martyrs as they love to live in the limelight. This is made clear when he sings, “Oh, we’re still so young, desperate for attention.” Although the Panic At the Disco lyrics are showing another side of being in the spotlight and that it’s sometimes wanted, this line only confuses the listener even more.

Are we supposed to be feeling sorry for the stars who are constantly on display to the public, or is this exactly what they wanted by yearning for our attention? This set of Panic At the Disco lyrics do nothing to clear up the issue.