Nickelback Lyrics

Nickelback is such a popular group for a reason. The group has endless talent, a way of making everyone turn up the volume on their radios, and song after song the Nickelback lyrics connect to their audience in a meaningful manner. The Nickelback lyrics don’t seem to have any hidden meanings. They are all very straightforward and are all songs that everyone can relate to on one level or another.

“Photograph” was the first huge hit off the album and it’s not hard to see why. The Nickelback lyrics describe experiences that the singer has gone through, starting with looking at a photograph that takes him back to a time in his life when he was with a bunch of friends just having a really good time. These Nickelback lyrics are something that most can relate to in their life experiences. Fans who like the Nickelback lyrics will have pictures of special times, and will drag them out from time to time and remember the special times.

The singer, Chad Kroeger, then takes the listener back to a place where he used to live. These are also fond memories in the Nickelback lyrics even though he says, “I never knew we’d ever went without.” This gives the listener a picture in their mind of a residence that is probably not the nicest but because the place is full of fond memories, the memories of maybe not having all of the luxuries, are not only forgotten but maybe were never even realized.

When the Nickelback lyrics take the listener to his school, this is again something with which a lot of people can relate. Although most people haven’t broken into their school, as the last two lines of the Nickelback lyrics indicate, there are a lot of people who are students, or when they were students, had “better things to do.”

The Nickelback lyrics also talks about how the singer and his friends used to go to the arcade and how they “blew every dollar they ever made.” These Nickelback lyrics also talks about how they would listen to the radio and sing along with all the songs. The song goes on to talk about how they would talk about how they were going to be singing to “more than just the steering wheel” someday. The Nickelback lyrics are inspiring for the listener, to realize that the singer has achieved his dreams and is now singing to millions of people.

The Nickelback lyrics also talk about the first girl that the singer ever kissed and how she has moved on with her life and has “had a couple of kids since then.” The chorus of the Nickelback lyrics also talks about moving on with life when it depicts the singer looking at pictures spread out on his floor and how he realizes that it’s time to let go and say good-bye.

This set of Nickelback lyrics connects to many people who have pictures of times in their lives that have passed and no matter how good the memories were, or how hard they are to let go of, they always do have to learn how to let go and say good-bye.

Nickelback has done an amazing job of bringing compelling lyrics to the music scene with which a large fan base can identify.