My Chemical Romance Lyrics

My Chemical Romance lyrics reflect the band’s punk / goth / emo / alt rock image that has defied definition even among their fan base. Called “pop on steroids” and various other tags, My Chemical Romance (MCR) is a band yet to reach the height of their inevitable popularity.

The name “My Chemical Romance” was coined by bassist Mikey Way who was referring to an Irvine Welsh novel about the drug Ecstasy. A New Jersey based band, My Chemical Romance also has a large following in the UK and Australia as well.

On the Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge album, the lyrics for “Helena” are a tribute to lead singer Gerard Way’s and Mikey Way’s grandmother, Elena Lee Rush, and a mourning of her death. Because the My Chemical Romance lyrics mention a car collision, much speculation has been made about how Helena really died.

The song lyrics of “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” on the same album talks about a high school budding romance that Gerard Way had. It’s a boy likes girl and girl likes boy tale except girl doesn’t like boy enough to give up boyfriend and the protagonist is reacting according to this reality.

On The Black Parade album, the song lyrics to “Welcome to the Black Parade” talk about marching on towards death. Gerard Way interweaved a story of dying of cancer at a young age as a “patient” and memories to his father taking him to a parade when he was young in a tale of expectations, rebellion and dealing with death. There may also be some religious imagery at work in the line, “would you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?”

The My Chemical Romance lyrics of the song “Mama” are about a soldier going to war, who is sending letters back to his mother. The mother is opposed to the war and her son fighting in it and the protagonist doesn’t feel comforted by his mother’s response only horrified at the killing and the lack of respite from the horror.

The My Chemical Romance lyrics are dark and edgy and filled with pain, angst and rebellion. It is also a certainty that the band’s fan base pours over the My Chemical Romance lyrics with magnifying glass and fine-tooth comb to sift the deeper meanings from the disturbing and sometimes playful words.