Misheard Music Lyrics

Misheard music lyrics are a dime a dozen (so, I’ll take three dozen, please). In fact, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting someone who has sung some misheard music lyrics to whatever has been playing on the radio.

Why all the confusion with misheard music lyrics? It’s as simple as elocution, enunciation and just plain saying the words loudly and correctly. The fact is, that misheard music lyrics are so common that there are several large websites devoted entirely to this subject.

Perhaps some of the most famous misheard music lyrics are by Jimi Hendrix in his song Purple Haze, when he sings the line “Excuse me while I kiss the sky”. This line has been misheard in many different ways over the years including “Excuse me while I kiss this guy”. But, that’s not what Jimi was talking about.

Other misheard music lyrics include those by Manfred Mann in his hit song Blinded by the Light with the line, “Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night.” Bruce Springstein actually penned the song and its meaning remains a mystery to many, so no wonder many were left guessing at the words since to many the meaning was nonsensical.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers also join the ranks of the misheard music lyrics with their song Scar Tissue and the line “A young Kentucky girl in a pushup bra” and several other lines from the song as well.

But, perhaps no song has quite risen to the ranks of the top of the misheard music lyrics pile as the Go Go’s song Our Lips Are Sealed, which is also the line in the song that most people have trouble with. In fact, there has been so much confusion over this one line that there are literally hundreds of published variations of misheard music lyrics for this line.

Now, misheard music lyrics can be fun, funny or sometimes even embarrassing. This is especially true if one has a microphone in one’s hand. What is most embarrassing about misheard music lyrics is that those who sing them will most invariably protest in all self-righteousness that their version is the correct one. When this person’s version has been proven to be incorrect, he or she will most likely state that they prefer their version better.

Misheard lyrics would most likely not happen at all if they were clear to begin with, so blame the band and blame the artist or even the techies doing the mixing. And, then continue to sing it your way – the heck with them all.