Love Lyrics

Love lyrics are songs for and from the heart. Love song lyrics generally offer a me to you message much like greeting cards attempt to do. But unlike greeting cards, love lyrics attempt to connect a broad range of people with common experiences using the language of the people. Even rap music lyrics can be love songs.

Some love lyrics are also Christian music lyrics appealing to a different kind of devotion, worship or rapture. Latin music lyrics are almost always sensual and sexual in nature. Rock, pop, hip hop, world music and alternative can run the gamut, but all feature love lyrics as one of their main themes.

Love song lyrics don’t always need to be positive either. They can be about relationships between two or even more people. But, the most common love lyrics are between two people who are in some stage or romantic or even lustful involvement.

Love lyrics could be a simple moment in time like Pretty Woman or more overt overture as in Whole Lotta Love. Then again, love song lyrics could be about the angst in the relationship itself as in Katy Perry’s Hot N Cold.

Love won, love lost or love on the rocks is the theme of many country and western songs. Blues also feature love lyrics, though it’s usually about loss and heartbreak. In fact, many love lyrics are about loss and grief.

Knowing that one had a good thing going with another person before one of them blew it is another common theme. Love lyrics can also be about anticipation. Even the song Anticipation is about anticipation of a possibly fleeting love and looking forward to the here and now, with one’s lover.

Love lyrics can also come from a place of hurt and anger. Such is the case with Lady Gaga’s Poker Face in which the song is about a woman playing with a man’s heart and not letting him know where she stands.

Just look at the Billboard Hot 100 and you’ll see that it features mostly love song lyrics. The music and words may not be obvious at first, but when you did into the meanings, tone, perspective of the singer and intent of the songwriter, you’ll soon see the connection.

So, in summary, love lyrics are not just about flaming infatuation, deep meaningful soulfulness or yearning lust, but all shades of gray in-between. The simplest songs are about human connectedness and how we relate to one another and ourselves in meaningful ways.