Kiss Lyrics

Kiss lyrics convey the attitude, beliefs and persona of this iconic band that has entertained millions over their 30-plus year history. Kiss has been known for their makeup, long tongues and shows featuring pyrotechnics, blood spitting and smoking guitars.

Over the years, several members of the Kiss band have changed, but the core members of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have remained constant. Wielding the personas of comic book type characters, Kiss was one of the first commercial evil-incarnate superhero bands to grace stages and sound studios.

The Kiss lyrics that are perhaps the most recognizable are from their signature song and anthem “Rock and Roll All Night” first featured on the Dressed to Kill album. The Kiss lyrics were written by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, with Simmons writing the verses and Stanley writing the chorus to the song.

The song was written when Kiss was on their Hotter than Hell tour, which was cut short by the record company who pulled the band back in the studio to record another album and told the band they needed to come up with an anthem. “Rock and Roll All Night” was not an immediate success, though. It wasn’t until Kiss put out their Alive! Album in 1975, that the newest version of the song became a hit.

“Beth” on the Destroyer album was a rare ballad for Kiss. The lyrics were written and sung by drummer Peter Criss, though lyrics were also added by Stan Penridge and Bob Ezrin. The ballad “Beth” was one of the few songs Simmons and Stanley liked not penned by them.

Another signature song for Kiss, at least according to Paul Stanley, who wrote the music and lyrics is “Love Gun” from the band’s album by the same name. Stanley wrote the song in his head while flying on a plane to Japan. After deplaning he played the song immediately to start working it out.

On the Dynasty album, the song “I Was Made for Loving You” was written by Paul Stanley along with Vini Poncia and Desmond Child. Stanley has stated that he made a conscious choice in writing this song to prove that is was easy in the 1970s to write a hit in the disco style.

The Kiss lyrics are typically love, romance and lust oriented with a rock edge and accompanying instrumentation. Kiss fans appreciate the simple, straightforward lyrics well geared for a band known for their hard rock instrumentation and exceptional showmanship.