Hawaiian Music Lyrics

Hawaiian music lyrics deserve a special mahalo for helping to preserve the culture, tradition and language native to the islands of Hawaii. Hawaiian music lyrics exemplify divine spirit, whether a part of hula or song.

Hawaiian music lyrics often run the gamut from folk to rock and even hip hop. The amount of Hawaiian music and song lyrics generated out of this territory is not proportional to the small size of the nations’ 50th state.

Hawaiian music lyrics often reflect the deep culture of this southern-most state as it is the only state of the 50 to have two official languages, English and Hawaiian. But, Hawaiian music and lyrics have had a huge impact on other regions as well.

The ukulele, slack-key and steel guitars have influenced songwriters from Polynesia to East Texas. Hawaiian music lyrics have often been a part of chanting and sometimes incorporated into dance such as hula.

Lyrics often communicate mythology of the islands, genealogy and praise. The language, ritual and song lyrics of Hawaii are often steeped in spirituality with influences from both Tahiti and Samoa.

The 1930s to 1960s have been referred to as the “Golden Age of Hawaiian Music”. This era lead to the mainstreaming of Hawaiian music and lyrics and was often accompanied by orchestras and the big band sound.

But Hawaiian music and song lyrics have grown since this time and many times will fuse the traditional with the cutting edge sounds and social thought. Hawaiian music lyrics tend to be intergenerational, reflecting not only the thoughts, feelings, dreams and angst of young people but of the older generations as well.