Fergie Lyrics

Fergie lyrics from the Black Eyed Peas lead vocalist represent a departure into a popular solo career. Fergie, who was born, Stacy Ann Ferguson, share a surname and nickname with the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

As such, Fergie’s first solo album is called The Dutchess, which is a purposely misspelled title connecting royalty and pop star. On the The Dutchess album, the featured song, “Fergalicious” is actually a made up word or portmanteau that combines two words such as “Fergie” and “delicious” into a separate word with combined meanings.

Some people consider “Fergalicious” to be a novelty song similar to the Black Eyed Peas hit “My Humps” in which Fergie also sang lead vocals. The main theme of the song is that the protagonist is flaunting her body, saying she’s delicious and teasing the men all the while stating that she’s also hard to get.

The title of the song “London Bridge” also connects Fergie to the Duchess of York, since the London Bridge at one time resided in London, England, but now resides in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The London Bridge metaphor is an apt one for the lyrics as the song seems to be one of both strutting arrogance and crumbling in the presence of a certain man.

The nursery rhyme, “London Bridge Is Falling Down” talks about ways to prop up the bridge, with silver and gold, mud and stone. In Fergie’s “London Bridge,” she seems to be afraid of being vulnerable in front of the man she’s singing about especially with the paparazzi around and needs some propping up. Interesting also is lyric “The Grey Goose got your girl feeling loose”, which may be taken at face value or, for those searching for a deeper meaning, connected to another nursery rhyme “Gray Goose and Gander”, which states “Gray goose and gander, / Waft your wings together, / And carry the good king’s daughter / Over the one-strand river.”

In the Fergie lyrics to “Glamorous” she sings about how underneath the glitz, she’s still the same person who likes spending time with family and going to Taco Bell and Ross. In the Fergie lyrics there is also a thank you to the fans for putting money in her bank and giving her this glamorous lifestyle.

A few interesting Fergie facts include that she began her career as a childhood star in the Kids Incorporated television show, was the voice of Sally Brown in a couple of Charlie Brown specials and has admitted to taking Ecstasy along with going through rehab for an addiction to crystal meth. In 2005, Fergie also urinated on stage at the San Diego Street Scene festival, having had a couple of drinks before singing and dancing on stage.

One of the biggest appeals to Fergie is seeing the juxtaposition of a beautiful white girl who can walk, talk, sing, dance and move with the ghetto funk few can pull off. But, Fergie not only pulls it off, but pulls it right over the top as well.