Fall Out Boy Lyrics

Although Fall Out Boy’s songs are energizing to dance and sing along to, does anybody know what they really mean? By taking a close look at the Fall Out Boy Lyrics, it seems sometimes as if they are trying to confuse their listeners as much as possible. But, the meanings of the Fall Out Boy Lyrics can often be found by taking a closer look at the titles of the songs.

“Carpal Tunnel of Love” seems to be just that, a love song. The band begins by singing about taking “sour sips from life’s lush lips.” This sets the tone of the song. It allows the listener to know that although this is a love song, it’s a bitter love song. Sour sips would seem to indicate that what the person is receiving from life at the moment has a sour taste. The first verse of the Fall Out Boy Lyrics continues to say, “I know you’re only blinding to keep back what the clouds are hiding.” This keeps with the theme that everyone and everything, including the clouds, have something to hide.

The second verse of the Fall Out Boy Lyrics alludes to contrasting ideas such as, “We keep the beat with your blistered feet, And we bullet the words of the mockingbirds singing.” This seems to shatter any joy or hopefulness. It destroys the happy notion of dancing since people will be doing this with “blistered feet” and it also takes a simple thing such as “mockingbirds singing” and shows that even that cannot be a source of happiness since they will “bullet the words” of whatever the birds have to sing about. These Fall Out Boy Lyrics keep with the tone that the song is about a young man done wrong, and is obviously still very bitter about a girl that he lost.

The fact that the young man has been left by a girl that he loves is further explained later in the song when the Fall Out Boy Lyrics say, “We might’ve said good-byes just a little too soon.” This might actually be the only straightforward line in the entire song but it does help to clear some things up for the very confused listener. Simply stated, the relationship broke up and he thought that the ending of the relationship was too soon. He wanted to stay with the girl for a little longer.

The chorus of the Fall Out Boy Lyrics then goes on to say, “We’re so miserable and stunning, love songs for the genuinely cunning.” This proves the point that he is in fact unhappy and that the song definitely is a love song. It’s my belief that the band is even teasing the audience by telling them that it is a love song for the cunning, meaning that the audience will definitely need to search the Fall Out Boy Lyrics for the meaning of the love song.

Fall Out Boy also ends the song with the lyrics “Take two years and call me when you’re better. Take teardrops of mine and make yourself wetter.” This seems to imply that the guy thinks the girl will come to her senses and go back to him and that he has already shed tears over the relationship and is now offering them to her.

One of the great things about the Fall Out Boy Lyrics is that they can be interpreted in a number of ways and that people can always find a way to relate to it. This is just one interpretation of a song that is quite difficult to understand.