Danity Kane Lyrics

The Danity Kane lyrics from the debut album Danity Kane are straightforward, hip-hop and R&B lyrics that just about anyone will be able to follow. They are fun and playful and make the listener want to get up and dance.

The Danity Kane lyrics follow the same lines as most of the popular music out today. They involve boy meeting girl, girl teasing boy, and the like. One especially playful song that they have is “Show Stopper”. In this song, they are singing about the girls going out for a drive on the town. The Danity Kane lyrics describe the car in a playful manner and talk about how all the guys are watching them as they drive past.

When first hearing the title of the song “Heartbreaker”, one might think that the Danity Kane lyrics are going to be a slow ballad that is filled with verbiage about how the girl has gotten her heart broken. This is so often what we hear from girl groups and solo artists in music today. But, Danity Kane goes a different route on this theme of breaking hearts.

In the Danity Kane lyrics, she’s speaking to a boy telling him that she will break his heart and that he just wouldn’t be able to handle her. These lyrics, while somewhat harsh, imply a great feeling of self-confidence, which is also something that seems to be lacking sometimes from both men and women on the music scene. While we so often hear of people getting their hearts broken, we don’t often hear someone warning that they are going do the breaking.

Danity Kane’s song “Sleep On It” continues to portray confident women. Although there is an object of desire in the singer’s eye, she is certainly not throwing herself at him, making the lyrics very playful and fun. It’s very casual and she doesn’t seem to be heartbroken at the thought of possibly not seeing him again. The singer does go on to say that she is tired of all the men hitting on her and that the one she is speaking to may be different from the others. The Danity Kane lyrics portrays a girl that is willing to have a guy wait for her, even if that means losing him in the process.

But, Danity Kane isn’t entirely without sensitive feeling. In the song “Stay With Me”, the Danity Kane lyrics tell a story of a girl who did have her heart badly broken by a guy. This song is filled with emotion as she talks about pictures she has of him, and how she needs him to stay with her. The Danity Kane lyrics speak about how she doesn’t want to be without him and how they were meant for each other so he can’t possibly leave her now.

The album shows confident women who aren’t at all afraid to have fun and not take themselves too seriously. While most of the album shows a playful, upbeat band, the the Danity Kane lyrics have also proven that they can have a soft side amidst it all and that they do know what feelings are all about, even if they’re spending a lot of time having fun.