Coldplay Lyrics

Coldplay’s lyrics have never been the reason for their overwhelming success. Coldplay’s hot sound, stage performances and general likeability have frosted over the rice cake lyrics underneath. Followers call the lack of depth and complexity in the Coldplay lyrics, “simplicity”.

Many of the Coldplay lyrics feature sentimentality and encouragement especially on a song such as “Fix You”. Others are love ballads or feature a view from outer space. Occasionally there are a few Coldplay lyrics that make one take pause, though.

For instance, in the song “The Scientist” from A Rush of Blood (2002), there are two similar verses at the beginning and end of the song that give the lyrics added depth and meaning. The verse at the beginning of the song states, “Running in circles / Coming up tails / Heads on a silence apart.”

However, near the end of the song, the verse reads, “Running in circles / Chasing our tails / Coming back as we are”. In the first verse, the imagery of a coin is apparent implying chance. In the second verse there is a certain futility connoted by the lyrics.

From the X&Y album (2005), the song “White Shadows” shows intriguing imagery in this set of Coldplay lyrics starting with the title. The words “white shadows” are juxtaposed with “sparkle and glisten” giving a feeling of something beyond concrete reality.

In the song “Til Kingdom Comes” is also another interesting juxtaposition or rather transposition in the lines, “In your tears and in your blood, / In your fire and in your flood”, which is a repetition of the first line to the second. But, the second line contains stronger imagery and the sequence of images is transposed to give these Coldplay lyrics a stronger emotional dynamic.

While other Coldplay lyrics may be seen as simply sappy and inane in content, the few lyrical gems that do appear on their albums help support the rationale for the overwhelming popularity of this band. Another album is expected out at the end of 2007.