Ciara Lyrics

In 2004, a solo artist named Ciara entered the music world. She had the perfect blend of an R&B style with great dance moves and smooth, sultry voice. Ciara had two albums in two years, which in itself is impressive but it’s even more impressive when both albums are top sellers.

Ciara starts off her first album Goodies with a song of the same name and in it is featured Petey Pablo. The first verse begins with Pablo singing about how he has “a sick reputation for handling broads” and also talks about how no obstacle is too great for him and how he wants the valet to bring his car to him because he “ain’t coming back.” The first verse depicts a guy who is very confident in himself and knows exactly what he wants.

But Ciara also knows what she wants when she enters in the second verse singing to the boy, “Just because you drive a Benz, I’m not going home with you,” and she makes it very clear that she is not easily impressed by this playboy and how she’s not going to give him what he wants. The song is extremely fun and exudes confidence on both of their parts but clearly Ciara has the last word.

Her second album Ciara: The Evolution brings about another very fun song titled, “Like a Boy.” The song describes the clash between the two sexes and how boys and girls handle relationships quite differently. Ciara sings about how she would like to be able to act like a boy and maybe relationships would be easier then.

She sings in the chorus “Would the rules change? Would they still apply? If I played you like a toy? Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy.” The song continues on to give details about the things that guys sometimes do to girls that are infuriating such as not getting home until the sun comes up or being with “my crew” when “you know that’s not true.” She keeps singing and asking if it would be easier if she could act like a boy.

Another song off the album titled “My Love” reveals a softer side of Ciara. In this song that she has dedicated to a special boy, she speaks highly of her love for him saying things such as, “Put nothing before ya, Anything you ask, I’ll be right there to do it.”

Just when the listener thinks that the song is going to be a beautiful tribute to someone very special to her, she goes on to explain how this same person has not treated her very well. She reveals just how deeply he has hurt her when she says, “Cause if you only knew what I felt for you, You would have held on tighter, Fought a little harder.” This song is all about Ciara’s heartbreak and how she is dealing with it.

After the first two albums, Ciara fans can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. She is a breath of fresh air on the R&B scene and she will continue to prove this to her listeners.