Chris Brown Lyrics

Chris Brown has come out with a new album titled Exclusive. Staying true to his self-titled debut album that came out in 2005, the Chris Brown lyrics are incredibly fun and keep in tune with the R&B and hip-hop style.

Even if you can’t make it through the maze of street lingo and hip-hop lyrics, it’s no doubt that these songs are incredibly fun and upbeat. In “Excuse Me Mama”, he sings about being at the mall while he sees a girl who’s “so fresh.” He puts his own spin on this by approaching the girl’s mother instead of the girl herself. This is something that has rarely, been done in song before. By doing this, he’s trying to show the girl respect, which is also something that is not often seen in hip-hop music.

The song “Gangsta Shorty” also keeps with the theme of finding and liking girls. He maintains respect throughout the song letting the girl know that he really does like her and just wants to be with her. The promises he makes to her are not of fancy cars or tons of money but he promises things such as loving her forever, and small things such as picking her up on time for their date.

The Chris Brown lyrics in “My Girl” shows a softer side of himself when he’s asking a girl to be his girlfriend. It’s told throughout the lyrics that he and this girl have broken up many times before but that she is the girl that he really wants. He continually asks her, “When you gone be my girl?” and again, the listener needs to wade through the hip-hop lingo to see that he’s actually asking her “When you gonna be my girl?”

The song “Nothing But Love For You” also shows some more of the softer side in the Chris Brown lyrics. While he describes himself in the song as a “playa” with lots of girls at the school wanting to be with him, the song is directed at one girl who is the only girl that he wants to be with. The song is spent trying to convince her of that fact as he repeats over and over “I’ve got nothing but love for you.”

The last song on the album is titled “She Loves Me” and is perhaps the Chris Brown lyrics that are most filled with “gangsta” lingo and hip-hop tones. If one can interpret these lyrics to find the true meaning. Chris Brown is once again proclaiming his love, this time to someone named Shay.

The entire album is filled with loving vocals from Chris Brown but done in a very playful way. The upbeat songs will leave listeners bobbing away to the music while they try to decipher their way through the unusual Chris Brown lyrics.