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Lyric Meter

Meter in Lyrics

Paying attention to meter in lyrics is arguably the most difficult part of writing memorable lyrics. Meter is the stresses on the syllables of the words in each line of the verse and chorus. For instance, in the line “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers”, all of the “P” words are stressed on …

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Rhyme in Lyrics

Some lyrics do not rhyme, but most do and is perhaps the most common convention in lyric writing used today and throughout history. Rhyme helps make lyrics memorable as poets and songwriters have known for thousands of years. Before words were written in stone or upon paper, songs were sung and handed down from one …

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Unfaithful lyrics tell the tale of a woman who is living with a man in a relationship and having an affair on the side. On Rihanna’s second album, A Girl Like Me, the Unfaithful lyrics talk about how the protagonist becomes aware that her lover knows of the affair and is hurt by it every time …

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This Is My Now

This Is My Now

This Is My Now lyrics were written by Scott Krippayne and Jeff Peabody. The song was the winning entry in the American Idol Songwriting competition announced on May 22, 2007. This Is My Now lyrics are about personal empowerment and the courage to come out of one’s shell and be the person they are meant …

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Smack That

Smack That

“Smack That” lyrics by Akon are from the Konvicted album (2006) and feature Eminem on the song as well. These set of Akon lyrics talk about a dancer the protagonist sees at a nightclub or strip bar. The “Smack That” lyrics are primarily sexual in nature. The lyrics are also autobiographical in nature as well since they …

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Irreplaceable Lyrics

Irreplaceable lyrics by Beyoncé Knowles, tell the tale of female empowerment when faced with the breakup of a relationship. The song was written by Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Tor Erik Hermansen, Espen Lind, Mikkel S. Eriksen and Amund Bjørklund. The Irreplaceable lyrics were inspired by the character Deena Jones that Knowles played in the movie Dream Girls. Knowles …

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