Beyonce Lyrics

Beyonce lyrics extend from her time with ultra-popular Destiny’s Child to her own solo career. Beyonce Knowles, one of the few artists known primarily by her first name as is the case with Cher, started her solo career in 2003, with her first album, Dangerously In Love.

This album went platinum in just three weeks and has sold 11 million copies to date. From this album, the mega hit, “Crazy in Love” was written by Beyonce Knowles, Rich Harrison and rapper Jay-Z. These Beyonce lyrics were about how love can make one feel crazy, vulnerable, scared and thrilled all at the same time. Jay-Z was Beyonce’s boyfriend at the time and rapped part of the lyrics to “Crazy in Love”.

On the same album, the song, “Baby Boy” was written by Beyoncé Knowles, Jay-Z, Sean Paul, Robert Waller and Scott Storch. A hit single, lyrics are also about love and contains a compelling metaphor in the lines, “In our own little world / The music is the sun.”

The Beyonce lyrics to “Me, Myself and I” propound a female-empowerment anthem where the protagonist is hurt by a cheating boyfriend, but finds inner strength when the relationship has finished. The song lyrics were written by Beyoncé Knowles, Scott Storch, and Robert Waller.

The song “Naughty Girl” received the Songwriter of the Year award from ASCAP and was written by Beyonce, Donna Summer, Scott Storch, Robert Walker and Angela Beyince. Borrowing from Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You, Baby” and to a lesser extent from “Nasty Girl” by The Vanity 6, the song is very sexual in nature, staying true to Beyonce’s image when she was with Destiny’s Child.

The album B’Day was released on September 5, 2006 to coincide with Beyonce Knowles’ birthday. The song “Deja Vu” is the anglicized version of “Déjà vu”, a French word meaning having the feeling of seeing something for the first time as if it were a memory of the past. The song is about how boyfriend Jay-Z is always there and has always seemed to have been there before.

The song, “Irreplaceable” is similar to “Me, Myself and I” in that they are both female-empowerment anthems sung to an old boyfriend who’s been cheating on her. The Irreplaceable lyrics are perhaps even more so in-your-face and assertive, lyrically and takes command of the situation as she sends her ex-lover off in a cab. It’s been reported that Beyonce was inspired to write “Irreplaceable” by the roll she played in the movie Dreamgirls.