Avril Lavigne Lyrics

Avril Lavigne exploded onto the pop scene in 2002 with her debut album Let Go. Avril appeared at a time when the music scene was full of girls singing sexually charged pop songs about giving themselves to boys and the videos were full of the same images, with explicit lyrics set to catchy tunes. Avril changed all of that, showing fans that you didn’t need to be giving it all away to be successful, whether it be in the music industry or a girl in a relationship.

Her first song from Let Go was titled “Complicated” and describes a relationship that Avril Lavigne has with a boy. In the song, she tells the boy that he doesn’t have to fake it to be with her and that in fact, it will only be detrimental to their relationship if he does. She talks about how she likes the person he is when the two of them are alone but he becomes “somebody else, round everyone else” and that he’s “tryin to be cool but you look like a fool to me.” In this one song, Avril isn’t only talking to the boy in the song. She is also sending the message to her fans that you’re better off being who you are and that pretending to be someone else will only make you look bad.

Avril continues to tell her fans (mainly girls) that they should stay true to themselves in her second album, “Under My Skin.” The song begins by describing a relationship that seems perfect with the boy wiping her tears away and she sings, “You gave me that kiss it was something like this, it made me go ooh ooh.” But then, the boy clearly wants more from her and she says, “Did I not tell you that I’m not like that girl? The one who gives it all away.” This is a very positive message for girls telling them that they don’t need to “give it all away” to have a good relationship with a boy. In this song, Avril continues to be true to herself and sending the message that others should do the same.

With her newest release Girlfriend from the album The Best Damn Thing, Avril proves once again that she is not afraid to tell it how it is. In the song, she tells a boy that she does not like his girlfriend and that she thinks she would make a better girlfriend for him. She continues to exude self-confidence with lines like, “Don’t pretend I think you know I’m damn precious.” While the song is brought about with some harsh lines to both the girlfriend and the boy she is singing to, it’s clear from this song that Avril knows what she wants and she is not afraid to go and get it.

Avril is a very refreshing face on the music scene. The Avril Lavigne lyrics stayed true album after album to being who she is and making no apologies for it.